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David from ESI - talks about working with Habonim

Posted by Tzur Layish | 07 Dec 2023

David Frame, Valve Project Manager of ESI Technologies. Talks about working with Habonim. 

"I'm David Frame from ESI. I've been with ESI nearly eight years. I've associated with Habonim from working in Australia many years ago now, and so probably had a working relationship with Habonim for nearly 12 years now. When I first was introduces to Habonim- Habonim in one word is innovative. The innovation shown by Habonim over the years to continually improve products and be a market leader in new products for testing actuators, Hydrogen Valves, for example, are a few that come to mind immediately.

My future expectations for working with Habonim will be connected to that there is a real buzz around the Hydrogen industry, obviously Habonim are the leader and ball valve for hydrogen quite clearly. So, I am thinking in terms of the future, hydrogen is going to be a big part of all our lives of many many years to come. As we are trying to adjust from Fossil fuels to hydrogen. The speed of the industry is exceptional at that moment, and we are at the forefront in the valve industry. So very exciting times and that something as ESI – partnering with Habonim and the other distributors have a real excellent possession in the marketplace to drive the industry forward.

We choose Habonim as a partner because a little bit of time before I started at ESI, probably getting close to 25 years ago, our Engineering Director, Brian Foley and Morgan O Brien and Declan Field from ESI, were introduced to Habonim, so why, why did we choose them? So, I think, back to innovation is their ability to supply actuators as well as a wide variety of valves. Strong in the Pharmaceutical as well as Cryogenic Valves, Hydrogen Valves, Special Valve, and the Sanitary Valves. There are no other companies that can do all those types of valves which make Habonim very unique.

Innovative solutions for ESI- There's many over the years. Cryogenic Control Valves would be one. The Hydrogen Valve at the moment is developing as Habonim add a various pressure class to the Hydrogen range and there is special solution as handles, give the costumers exactly what they want. So, over the years is many special solutions.

Would I recommend Habonim to our clients- Absolutely yes, over the years, personally I've worked with Uri Edelstein for many years and recently Edward, being on the road, visiting costumers across the UK for many different applications and industries so very much ESI module as well as Habonim have strong and long partnership. As I said earlier, I've worked with Habonim for nearly 25 years so this is long established partnership. We go hand in hand to visit the costumers.

My future plans with Hydrogen products. we've worked actually with Habonim quit closely, with the market requirements for ATEX, Gas Group IIC, Certifications for the CompAct Actuator and that’s absolutely essential because only Hydrogen and Acetylene are the two, Gas Group IIC, media's under the ATEX directive.

In terms of the valves themselves, it's interesting to see the H21 and H22 series being developed, probably to the market by the end of this year. And also, I'm keen to see about the info testing of some of the Hydrogen Valves you can see the cycling performance, obviously being a young industry weaken for feedback on that so hydrogen with Habonim will be exciting times."


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Tzur Layish

Tzur Layish

Marketing Manager at Habonim Industrial Valves & Actuators LTD

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