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Rob from ESI - talks about working with Habonim

Posted by Tzur Layish | 22 Nov 2023

Rob Leadbeater, Managing Director of ESI Technologies Group.

"Habonim in one word for me is innovation. You rarely come across a valve company these days that has continued innovation over the last ten years. It's impressive, it doesn't happen, and I think it isn't just on one valve, it's on cryogenics, it's on metal seated, the continuation in the design and innovation and the benefits, is brilliant! My future expectations would be to continue what we have and to build on what we have. I think we're very happy with Habonim. We're very happy with the performance, the innovation, the technology, the relationship, the way we approach the market is very good. We just need to continue to build on that and grow. Why do we choose Habonim as a partner, simple, because globally there are thousands of valve manufacturers, thousands. I think they're at the top of the tree. The amount of valve manufacturers, ones that can produce the range. A valve manufacturer that has its own actuation that compare those, test and deliver and continue to innovate on those. You're one of the kinds I think, certainly a global leader, and that's where we want to be. We showcased a product you did for us for Aerospace. It was a three-inch valve coupled with an actuator that was a high speed close, when I say high speed, it was 200 milliseconds point two of a second to close this valve. O don't know how many companies, again, could build the valve, pair it with an actuator, test it, deliver it, and that type of innovation, design, creativity, application. I think and finding that solution, I'd say, is unrivaled. We don't recommend Habonim to the clients, we sell Habonim to the clients, and not only do we sell them, but we also have a good enough relationship that we have an amount of transparency in that relationship that we quite often take Habonim's team to meetings, and introduce you and sell you to the customer, in a joint venture. So, absolutely, I'd recommend them all day long - and we do, and we do it with you."


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Tzur Layish

Tzur Layish

Marketing Manager at Habonim Industrial Valves & Actuators LTD

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